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How 100 iPads saved Greece $140 billion

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How 100 iPads saved Greece $140 billion

Apple's tablet plays a key role in the largest debt restructuring in history

Apfel in Greece with iPad
FORTUNE -- I got a London call last week from Bob Apfel, a Brooklyn neighbor (and fellow Oberlin College graduate).
"Two weeks ago," he began. "I completed the debt restructuring of Greece."
It was pretty bold statement, but not entirely out of character. After all, Apfel runs a company calledBondholder Communications Group that does this kind of thing.
But that wasn't the real reason for his call. He wanted to talk about the computer network his team had created to get the job done.
Greece, as you may recall, was facing bankruptcy this spring, unable to make good on debts worth, on paper, more than $270 billion. In a series of complex restructuring transactions, the country's Finance Ministry had offered to settle for a fraction of the bonds' paper value.
But getting roughly 100,000 bondholders scattered around the globe -- from Russia to South Africa to Kazakhstan -- to sign off on the deal on a tight deadline was going to be a logistical nightmare.
"I wanted to do something different," Apfel says. "So I bought 100 iPads."
The Apple (AAPL) tablets, equipped with a custom-made debt-restructuring app, were handed out to the leadership team, including representatives from the Finance Ministry, the Hellenic Exchange (the Greek equivalent of the NYSE), the Bank of Greece (their version of the Federal Reserve) and the three external banks that managed the deal, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Lazard.
The idea was to give the participants a rich set of analytic tools and real-time, secure connections to both the global clearing systems and the back offices of banks around the world.
"During the lead-up to the launch," says Apfel, "members of the financial leadership team were spending over half their time on the road, meeting with investors or financial overseers from the EU and other parts of the troika. There was a palpable need to create a financial decision-makers' platform that could follow the financier – not vice versa."
Toward the end, things got pretty exciting.
"I watched hundreds of millions of bonds being 'slam dunked' as these guys were running down the halls," says Apfel. "Split-second decisions were made that couldn't have been made without the data platform."
When last deal finally closed on April 25, $270 billion of Greek debt had been reduced to $130 billion.
"It was the largest financial transaction in the history of the world," says Apfel. "And we couldn't have done it without the iPad."

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Yahoo! Axis - Browser search plugin

Yahoo! Axis offers a fastersmarter search with instant answers and visual search previews.

HeadWay Themes - Visual Editor - Web Site editor

Intuitive Visual Editor

  • Create web page layouts by simply clicking and dragging to draw Blocks right on the screen. Each Block can be anything you want: Header, Navigation, Content (the Loop), Widget Areas (Sidebars) and more.
  • It's easy to drag Blocks around on the page to arrange or resize them. Each block has options you can set to customize it even further.
  • Once you've got your Blocks laid out, use the Headway Design Mode to set colors, fonts, backgrounds, shadows, rounded corners and more
  • Everything happens right on the screen in front of your eyes—there's no guesswork and you don't need to write any code. Create the site design you want.

LessPainful - Automatic Test on iOS,Android devices


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cre8: iPad keyboard capsule-2

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cre8: iPad keyboard capsule-2

'iPad keyboard capsule-2' by cre8
images courtesy of cre8

tawain-based studio cre8 have developed the 'iPad keyboard capsule-2' which solves three main points currently associated with the iPad, 
i.e. protection, mistyping on the touch screen keyboard, and holding it for prolonged periods of time. the product offers a hard shell casing that 
encloses the iPad safely, and with its stylish anodized aluminum hinge, it stands steadfast whilst tapping on the screen. 
typing becomes easy with the slim scissor type keyboard which automatically connects to the iPad via bluetooth. 
a special feature is the flat angle position that allows for more comfortable on screen typing or an optional position when browsing or playing a game. 

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QLOCKTWO a nice clock screen saver for iphone

QLOCKTWO for iPhone and iPad

Posted on 19 May 2012 by Thomas
Let’s be clear about this: you’ll have to remember to load QLOCKTWO up when you want to see it, but it’s still a gorgeous way to make use of your iPhone or iPad while it’s not in use.
If you’re the type of person to keep your iPhone or iPad docked while you’re at your computer, then QLOCKTWO can temporarily turn your device into a unique verbal clock of sorts. Instead of mimicking a digital or analog watch, QLOCKTWO literally spells out the current time by displaying and highlighting a matrix of words. I’m sorely tempted to purchase this universal app for $0.99, but I think I use my iOS devices far too often to ever really load QLOCKTWO up.
On the other hand, if this gorgeous design were offered as a Mac screensaver, I’d be all over it.
[via ONE37]

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OSCIUM - spectrum analyzer - oscilloscope

What happens when you merge a powerful logic analyzer and an iPad? Oscium’s latest releaseLogiScope transforms an iPhone, iPad or iPod into a 100MHz logic analyzer with sixteen digital channels. LogiScope is ultra-portable and very easy to use, making it the ideal solution for the next generation of inventors. (cost for LogiScope:400$ ,for Spectrum analyzer:99.97)
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What I loved:

  • the price for the analyzer (could be a very good tool for IT departments and House Technical support geeks).

a nice double charger for iPad-iPhone

What I loved:

  • power charger for new iPad
  • movable charger place holder (case compatible)
  • a nice design (i like the key things)
  • a very good price 39.99 at the moment in to  Amazon. 
  • you cant put your ipad horizontal  

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Email on Mobile Devices - tips and tricks

a review from here (MailChimps research)

  • Good morning! 72% of the people we tested read their emails in bed.
    Most people use their phones as an alarm clock, so the common morning action is to turn off the alarm and hit the email icon. Often readers haven’t even turned on the lights yet and are still cozy under blankets while reading your emails. If you send newsletters in the late evening or very early morning, you might want to rethink that bright purple and yellow graphic you’ve been using as a header graphic, as that would be a jarring visual for a reader who’s just waking up or getting ready for bed. 
  • 87% of our participants are reading their work and personal emails together. 
  • The second most common method of sharing is tweeting links in the email, or tweeting the campaign archive link to their followers.
  • Twitter also makes it very clear exactly what you’re tweeting, so there’s no guess work
  • Despite its popularity around the world, Facebook is the least popular channel for sharing mobile emails. 
  • Many people save emails for later, to read when they have more time, or if the email is better read on a desktop or laptop. You can make your email easy to save for later by adding an Instapaper (http://instapaper.com) link to your articles. Simply link to a URL with this format: http://www.instapaper.com/hello2?url=____&title=____&description=____
  • After you’ve written your content, create an email designed to be read first on a mobile device.
  • Readers expect to be able to click on a social media button, so don’t use a social media logo as a section header without making it clickable.
  •  Animating with JavaScript (or with Flash when installed), can suck the life out of your users' batteries really fast. Want to be cool and not hated? While not a panacea, CSS3 Animations can be the solution.
  • Although it might seem counter-intuitive, multi-column layouts are OK! With two or even three columns, the reader can zoom the text to a comfortable reading size without having to scroll left to right while reading 
  • Besides using columns, there are other great ways to design your emails with clear sections to assist with mobile-email scanning. You can do this with appropriately sized header text (figure 12), dividing lines, numbered paragraphs, or even using a relevant image to notate a block of the email design. 
  • It might seem cliché, but readers in their mid-40s and older do mention having trouble reading tiny text on mobile devices. Luckily, the Apple recommended font size of 17-22pts in mobile emails satisfies most mobile readers 
  • Consider using thumb-friendly buttons for your “Read more,” “Buy now,” and social-media links. As Fitt’s Law (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fitts’s_law) suggests, increasing the size of an interaction target decreases the time and effort required to reach it. Big buttons are not only more visible on a mobile screen, they’re also easier to interact with. 
  • If you’re using a two-column template, consider using a smaller left column and wider right column (figure 20). In our research, we found that if the right column takes up the entire screen on initial download, the reader doesn’t always remember that there may be an additional column hiding on the right side. Android users in our research had an easier time reading single-column (figure 21) and left-sidebar designs.
  • Also watch the margins and padding on the edges of your email.
  • We know that Gmail strips out the HTML head element, and with it, any CSS it contains. So if you’re coding your own HTML emails, be sure to inline your CSS (http://beaker.mailchimp. com/inline-css). Otherwise you may see unwanted centering of your content, and your email won’t have any styling or coloring outside of what your browser or email client applies as default.
  • Gmail often only loads a partial email, cutting the content off at 102KB with an option to download the rest of the emai
  • Gmail offers no way to get the rest of the message if you go over the maximum size limit.*


Global mobile statistics 2010-2012 (not all in 2012)

Global mobile statistics 2012: all quality mobile marketing research, mobile Web stats, subscribers, ad revenue, usage, trends…

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  • Website hits
In January 2012, 8.49 percent of Website hits/pageviews come from a handheld mobile device, according toStatCounter.
• Growth in mobile Web penetration is strongest in Asia and Africa, where PC penetration is lower.
• The worldwide leader for mobile pageviews by a considerable margin is Nokia’s Symbian operating system, with 31.89 percent, due to its dominance of mobile phone shipments, particularly in Asia.

Proportion of global Web pageviews from mobile devices, by region, in Jan 2011 and Jan 2012
GlobalAfricaAsiaEuropeNorth AmericaOceanaSouth America
Mobile pageviews in Jan 20128.49%19.17%14.32%4.22%8.03%7.75%2.88%
Mobile pageviews in Jan 20114.3%6.33%6.06%2.17%5.78%3.69%1.88%
Top mobile operating system for pageviews, by region, in Jan 2012
Source: StatCounter (February 2012)via: mobiThinking

  • In 2011 over 85 percent of new handsets will be able to access the mobile Web. Today in US and Western Europe, 90 percent of mobile subscribers have an Internet-ready phone.
  • impact of html5

  • How many people see and react to mobile ads? According to consumer research by The MMA and Lightspeed Research (October 2010), in UK, France and Germany, 45 percent of consumers (especially younger people) noticed mobile advertising and of these, 29 percent responded to it. Of those that responded to the ads, in Germany 49 percent, UK 47 percent and in France 22 percent went on to make a purchase.
    • The most effective form of ads was opt-in SMS in the UK (40 percent said they were more likely to respond to these) and in France (21 percent); while in Germany it was mobile Web ads (27 percent).
    • Time sensitive special offers or discounts (especially m-coupons) were most likely to lead to purchase.
    • People were most likely to purchase mobile content such as applications, music and games.
Mobile behavior in United States, EU5 (UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy) and Japan – October, November, December 2010
Percent of total mobile audience (Age 13+)
United StatesEuropeJapan
Used connected media
(browser, app or download)
Used browser36.4%28.8%55.4%
Used application34.4%28.0%53.3%
Used messaging
Sent text message68.0%82.7%41.6%
Instant messaging17.2%14.2%3.6%
Accessed entertainment/social media
Took photos52.4%57.5%62.9%
Social networking or blog24.7%18.0%19.3%
Played games23.2%25.3%16.3%
Recorded video20.2%26.1%15.8%
Listened to music15.7%25.0%12.9%
Watched TV and/or video5.6%5.7%22.8%
Accessed financial services
Bank accounts11.4%8.0%7.0%
Financial news or stock quotes10.2%8.0%16.5%
Accessed news, sports, weather, search, retail, travel, reference
News and information39.5%32.2%57.6%
Weather reports25.2%16.4%34.7%
Sports news15.8%12.0%18.2%
Restaurant info10.0%6.5%9.7%
Traffic reports8.4%7.4%14.0%
Retail site6.5%5.2%8.5%
Travel service4.4%4.6%2.9%
Source: comScore MobiLens (Feb 2011)via: mobiThinking

  • One in four mobile apps once downloaded is never used again.

Number of apps downloaded and used just once according to Localytics
QuarterJanuary-March 2010April-June 2010July-September 2010October-December 2010
Proportion of apps used only once22%26%26%26%
Source: Localytics (January 2011)via: mobiThinking

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AppMyWorld™ Solves App Discoverability: Makes Finding the Best iPhone, iPad and iPod Apps Easier and Faster Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2012/05/09/prweb9435616.DTL#ixzz1uRsIrFnA

copy - paste :"

With hundreds of thousands of options, searching for top rated apps and games for the iPhone, iPad and iPod can be a win, lose or draw. AppMyWorld™ (www.appmyworld.com) fixes this problem by aggregating professional app reviews from around the web into AppScores, which help users easily search and make decisions on which iOS apps and games are the best.
Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 09, 2012
With more than 500,000 apps and games in Apple's App Store and hundreds of review sites and blogs, the sheer number of options can be a major obstacle for iPhone, iPad and iPod owners to finding the best apps and games.
The new AppMyWorld™ (www.appmyworld.com) is changing that by taking the guesswork and time involved out of selecting top rated and effective apps.
AppMyWorld combs professional iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac app and game review sites, aggregates their review scores into an AppScore™ and gives users the search tools to sort through this data. "

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2012/05/09/prweb9435616.DTL#ixzz1uRsP2owQ

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Apple's iPad takes 68% tablet share - 1q2012

Kindle Fire shipments drop sharply as Apple's iPad takes 68% tablet share
Published: 11:00 AM EST (08:00 AM PST)

Shipments of Android-based tablets including Amazon's Kindle Fire saw a "steep drop" in the first quarter of 2012, allowing Apple's iPad to grow to 68 percent of tablets shipped worldwide.

The latest data released on Thursday by IDC shows that Apple's worldwide market share increased significantly from the 54.7 percent the company held in the holiday quarter to conclude 2011. Apple's gains came largely from Amazon's losses, as the Kindle fire plummeted from 16.8 percent share in the fourth quarter of 2011 to just 4 percent share in the first quarter of 2012.

"Apple reasserted its dominance in the market this quarter, driving huge shipment totals at a time when all but a few Android vendors saw their numbers drop precipitously after posting big gains during the holiday buying season," said Tom Mainelli, research director, Mobile Connected Devices at IDC. 

"Apple's move to position the iPad as an all-purpose tablet, instead of just a content consumption device, is resonating with consumers as well as educational and commercial buyers. And its decision to keep a lower-priced iPad 2 in the market after it launched the new iPad in March seems to be paying off as well." 

Amazon's sharp drop in shipments of the Kindle Fire allowed Samsung to regain the No. 2 position in worldwide tablet shipments. Lenovo finished the quarter in fourth place, while Barnes & Noble, maker of the Nook platform which will see a $300 million investment from Microsoft, came in fifth.

IDC said that although Android tablet shipments fell "sharply" in the first quarter of 2012, there are signs that products from Samsung and Lenovo "are beginning to gain traction in the market." The research firm expects that tablet shipments will rebound in the coming quarters.

#source: appleinsider